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If you ever visited coastal Southern California, no way you have not thought how great would be to spend there more time. Lucky if you live there, but every visitor would just say that time flew way to fast.

We bring home memories. It is hard to forget emerald green surf, sand of beaches and picturesque cliffs of Pacifica. I truly believe, that painters can strech or even stop the moment much better than photgraphers do.

In this mini-course, you will learn and practice approach to paint land/seascape of a view near Laguna Beach. It will pass few stages in separate videos: from idea and impressions to use of a photograph as a reference, then to proportional sketch, block-in and painting. Plenty of remarks are given about painting specific texture and shpe of rocks, surf foam and sky.

You may get surprizes, but almost every seasoned artist can find flaws in every painting he or she completed. This work is not an exception. Learn to find these mistakes with me, so you can make corrections in timely manner.

This free mini-course is a remastered version of a WEBINAR #13 broadcasted on YouTube September 13th, 2018.



From beginners, who tried oil paints before and have drawing skills, to intermediate level.

However, anyone will find this class helpful, since opens special approach, which can be picked up into one's skills library.



CANVAS: Oil primed canvas panel Centurion OP DLX, 9" x 12"

OIL PAINTS: Titanium White and

warm lights: Cadmium Lemon, Ochre Yellow Light (Blick), Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red Light, and Raw Sienna

warm darks: Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Maroon (Holbein), Oxide Brown Transparent (Rembrandt), Olive Green

cold darks: Viridian Green, Ultramarin Blue, Cobalt Blue, Ceruleum Blue.

If you do not have Cadmium Maroon, you can mix similar paint with Cadmium Red and Ultramarine. I just have found that I use this combo so often, so it worth buying it in tube.

MEDIUM: mix of Galkyd with Gamsol (both by Gamblin) ratio 1:1. If you do not have this particular ones, use any medium, which would help to speed up drying while not being pure solvent.

BRUSHES: Eclipe Comber 1/2", Eclipe Comber 3/8", Ivory Flat Short #4, Ivory Rigger #2, Ivory Dagger 1/2". All brushes by Rosemary.

PALETTE KNIFE: I use similar to Blick-RMG size 23.


I hope this video class will be helpful, encouraging and inspiring. Confidence will come with knowledge, and practice. First part on me! Then it's your turn!

Ask your questions, share advises or comments: [email protected].

Your Instructor

Zufar Bikbov
Zufar Bikbov

Started taking drawing and painting classes at age nine in art school, Zufar was eleven when he painted his first plein air works; depicting nearby village cottages and a horse resting next to a carriage delivering pies to the local market. He found this kind of painting was so different from painting a still-life or a model in the art school studio. He fell in love with landscape painting and started exploring the language of direct expression of what just in front of him.

Zufar's interest in painting came early in life from the influence of his father, a well-respected specialist in engineering. His father's dream to become an artist could not be realized in post WWII Soviet Union during Stalin's regime era. Being accepted to Nicolai Fechin Art school in Kazan (Russia), he had to switch to the school of Engineering and Architecture. "My dad never pushed me into an art career", recalls Zufar, "however, albums of my father's watercolors and a library of Russian Fine Art at our home, along with my father's paints and brushes ? this environment became fertile soil for the seed of my artistic talent to grow."

When the time came to choose a college and profession, his soul calling for need to help people led Zufar to a medical career. During his study in medical school, residency, and finally a move to the United States, art never was left behind and continued to be an essential part of his self-actualization. Zufar was honored to participate in the exhibit "Doctors Paint" in the State Museum of Fine Arts in Kazan and at Yale Medical School.\

Zufar's town and landscapes style lean towards Russian and Soviet era impressionism. For him art is a continuous experimentation and growth. Through over a decade, traveling and painting in the US changed his painting palette to a higher key.

Spur of interest to plein air painting in the United States brought the artist to national level competitions, where he won a number of awards. Among others, Zufar treasures most his several Artist Choice awards at Plein Air Easton (Maryland). Receiving "Medal of Honor and Merit" from Kent Art Association (the first art organization in the US he had joined) is another one of his most memorable achievements. The Award of Irvine Museum, he received recently at the Laguna Plein Air national competition (Laguna Beach, California) is another valuable award he was honored to given.

His works are widely present in private collections in the United States, from New England to California, in the UK, Spain, and of course in Russia.
Zufar has a number of followers of his art and considers teaching art another significant point of his artistic career.

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